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XnView 2.36

XnView Review:

 How cool it would be if you can get all your jobs done using just one software? This is possible using applications that can do batch processing on your images with far more power and efficiency than other simple tools. There are also many applications that can do these tasks individually. They are used by students for their projects, or by a lot of people who want to make their photo albums or other scientific studies that need to process a lot of images. For an application to be able to gather audience, it should be able to work on all platforms, at least the major ones, so that as many people can benefit from it. Only the number of users tells about a product's popularity.

 Something For All

 XnView is one such image viewing, reading and processing application that takes care of all your needs right at one place. You do not need to install many applications to make them and can rely on the expertise the user interface of just one. It provides something for all starting with basic front-end tools for desktop and mobile users. 
 - Yes, it also works on mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows. 

 Then there is something for the developers as well. Therefore, not just simple and amateurs can benefit from it, but also many developers can find ways to handle projects using a simple tool.

 Viewing Made Easier

 The industry is filled with so many image formats that it becomes very difficult to even keep a track of all of them, leave alone having a software to read them and be able to just view them. 
 - XnView changes this scenario by packing in a whopping 500 format support. 
Yes, that is an incredible number of formats and I bet many of you did not even know that so many variants existed. 

 Heavy On Images, Easy On System

 This seems a lot of things to be able to convert between 500 formats, read them, view them and also run different processes in batch, which is the major capability of this application. 
 - Another great thing is that this software is a measly 2 MB and is a super lightweight on your system. 

 It does not create any traffic on the other processes and uses the RAM judiciously to cater to its needs. It has efficient memory management capabilities that make this a truly phenomenal tool.

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